The NUF® systems efficiently remove suspended solids, pathogens, bacteria, viruses and organic matters from surface (lake, river, pond, etc.) and/or borehole water in one single pass, thanks to the 0.03 µ absolute filtration rate of the NUF® membranes. Raw water enters the system at low pressure while the purification process takes place by simple mechanical size exclusion on the membranes – without use of chemical or biological treatment. Water and dissolved salts permeates the membrane as purified treated water. Out of the treated water, a minimal percentage of water (1%-7%) is used for a self-actuated built-in periodical membranes backwash, where all the pollutants are expelled. 


  • Manually operated raw water feed pump.
    (at special request, in case of availability of power at site or in case of solar power supply, an electric pump – 12, 24, 110 or 220 Volt – can be provided with the unit)
  • NUF membranes package with manual activation device: purification mode or backwash mode in case of membranes clogging.
    The system is therefore a MULTI-USE one and benefits of full recoverability.
    The membranes are not disposed or replaced after a short usage, but simply cleaned (with purified water) with the built-in backwash device.
  • The whole unit is encapsulated in a heavy-duty housing, suitable for transport, deployment and immediate operation in field.
  • Unit dimensions (without tubing):
    62 x 60 x 50 (H x L x W in cm.)
  • Unit weight: 18 kg.

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum raw water distance from unit: 25 mt.
  • Raw water sources: rivers, lakes, other surface water sources, wells (non or low-saline brackish – the unit is not acting as a desalination system)

  • Operating pressure (reached with one of the integrally supplied pumps): 0.3÷1.5 atm.

  • Average operational capacity (at 0.8 atm.): 480 lt./hr


• Drinking water production in remote areas

• Emergency response kits

• River water purification for villages, towns, etc.

• Best RO desalination pre- treatment units: one single pass on the NUF unit replaces the use of flocculation, chlorination, sand filtration,
de- chlorination and cartridge filtration – while producing RO feed at SDI < 2

"Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have" - Franz Kafka

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