Community Water Filter

1. *Inlet pipe (A) in dirty water box. 
*Red ended pipe (B) outside the box.
*Taps (C), (D) as shown above. 
*Pump (E) until water comes out of red ended hose (B)


2. *Turn taps (C), (D) as shown above.
*Pump (E) for clean water (H)

3. *After use, turn tap (D) to its original position to close.


Flow Rate:
300 liters per hour*

Ultrafiltration Filter Capacity:
>1,000,000 liters

Operating Life:
>5 years**

Bacteria Retention:
>99,99999% (log 7)

Virus Retention:
>99,999% (log 5)

150,000 Daltons (equivalent to 0.01 Microns)

Dry Weight:

Dimensions of Packaged System:
Height: 480mm
Width: 250mm
Depth: 250mm

Cleaning Procedure:
*120 microns mesh screen cleaning
*Two ways cross flow, built-in cleaning system
*Built-in flushing system
*Built-in backwashing cleaning

Pressure Control:
3.5 Bar security valve

1. NEVER drink water from pipe with the red stoppper. 
2. Empty dirty water in the bottom of the box or bucket once a week. 
3. DO NOT store in sunlight. The heat could damage the filter. 
4. CHECK water is clean-
*Take inlet out of dirty water
*Turn taps as shown
*Put outlet pipe into a mug of clean water
*If bubbles keep coming out of the outlet pipe,